Add privacy, utility and value to your home and garden with a little help from Pars Royal Tower. PRT is proud to provide our customers with superior metal, natural wood, ornamental iron, chain link and vinyl fencing options for residential and commercial applications. Protect your property and update the look of your home or business with exceptional, affordable classic or contemporary options for everyone. 


We can assist you in selecting the perfect railing for your project. Our services are ideal for any front entries, patios, decks, cottages, pool enclosures, fences, retaining walls, and gates. They are ideal for new construction or renovation projects.


We offer wide selection of exterior gates and fences products. Pars Royal Tower delivers better products and extraordinary peace of mind. Our professional fence installers are happy to discuss design and materials with you, to help you find the best option for your residence or company property. PRT is quality you can trust.