Inspired Design.Superior Build.

Renovating Homes in Toronto Since 2018

pars Royal Tower was established July 2018, however, the founders have been working in the construction industry since 1990. We’ve had the opportunity to build phenomenal structures throughout the mid-west – and we’d be excited to start our next one with you.

We have built a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and competitive pricing. Our unique approach to working closely with our customers and our care for craftsmanship have lead to countless successful renovation projects.

We based in Richmond Hill, and service the entire Greater Toronto Area.

90 minute assessment of your project

Our step by step process begins with an assessment of your project. We will come to your home to discuss your ideas and dreams, and if you prefer, we can also meet at either our showroom, or online virtually using Zoom. An assessment will help you better understand the actual costing of your project, timing, as well as how your vision and ideas can all come together. So write down all your questions, organize all your thoughts and ideas with your digital photos, and then give us a call today.
Let’s get started!

What To Expect From Your Assessment

During your 90 minute assessment of your project, we will listen to your ideas and vision, as well as any challenges you may have with your home. This will help us provide you with expert advice and direction.

  • A better understanding of your budget, and preliminary job cost projections to see what’s possible, and what decisions will add the most value to your home
  • Review the scope of work, and discuss key objectives regarding style, floor plan, and materials
  • Explanation of the major factors that affect the price of your project, and planning & design next steps

We Help Make The Process Easier

Renovation projects can be exciting, as well as overwhelming. There are many things to consider including design, structural elements, and countless material selections. We help make this process easier for you by offering a FREE 90-minute assessment of your project where you can get off to a great start, and begin to understand your renovation a whole lot better.

Successful Renovations Start With A Plan

Many projects start by getting a number of estimates. Once provided, they can be very confusing and difficult to understand and compare. Sometimes pricing is often varied with different levels of detail, and some with no details at all. Costs can also be lumped together into one large sum, and there may be no drawings to see what the project and design will actually look like. Choosing to first begin with an assessment from an PRT Renovation expert will help you navigate the many initial questions and details you need to know about your project and help prevent later major setbacks with timelines, budgets, and design selections.


PRT will provide you with a schedule from start to finish with key milestones all along the way. This step-by-step schedule is then updated on a regular basis so you are always informed about upcoming work. Our scheduling system is also a collaborative process and is shared with all trades and suppliers so everyone is kept up to date and notified when changes occur. This helps things keep on track and on time.

Documentation & Messaging

Every project will have many documents including PDFs of contracts, plans, 3D Renderings, and material specifications. We keep all this information in one place and available online to our clients. Documents are added and removed as needed and used as a reference tool for trades when they need it too. We also encourage clients to use our application based messaging system that is used by everyone. This helps keep communication documents in one place so correspondence is easy to find.

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